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Choosing the correct pillow can make all the difference in ensuring you get a good night's sleep.

To find the perfect pillow, firstly decide what level of support you need; soft, medium or firm?

This is dependent upon how you sleep.

Generally soft is best if you sleep on your front, medium if on your back and firm if on your side. With natural fillings the more feather there is in a pillow, the firmer it tends to be. Down filled pillows are the finest, softest and most luxurious pillow filling and offer soft-medium support that moulds to the head. Synthetic pillows offer great value for money. They are easy to care for and may be washed regularly in your domestic washing machine.

We won’t have anything less than the finest on the market. Neither should you – after all, your peace of mind rests upon it. When we sourced our pillows, we became a little paranoid: they had to be exceptionally soft, thoroughly lump-free, and truly long-lasting. Just try one for yourself to see how we did. At these prices, you’d be silly not to.